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The Center

At First Lutheran Church

"The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love."

Marianne Williamson

Life can be hard and often very confusing: 


Who am I?

How can I find greater meaning and purpose in my life?

Who is God? 

How can I find and know God?


It’s difficult to answer these questions by ourselves.  Having someone who listens to our questions and supports us in our seeking is a great gift.  Recognizing this need for compassionate listeners grew First Lutheran Church’s vision to create a place where all are welcome (FLC members and nonmembers alike) to meet with a trained listener who can companion them on their journey to a deeper faith and connection to God and others.

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Have questions about what exactly Spiritual Direction is about or who it is for? Learn more about Spiritual Direction and how it might be right for you.


Browse through the people who contribute to our center. We are sure to have someone to connect with you on your journey.

Do you have a question? Not sure who to contact? Fill our the form at this page and we will get back to you.

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What is discussed? What topics? How should I prepare? Take a look at this page for more information on Spiritual Direction.

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The Center

Spiritual Direction and spiritual practices are intended to lead us to the center of who we are, our relationship with God, the community among us, and the world. 

This is our hope for The Center at First Lutheran Church, to be a companion on your journey.

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